Teeny Tumblers (3 - 6 yrs)

45 minutes of FUN, healthy, play with a purpose! Our program's primary goal for preschool children is to develop a high level of gross motor skills and to build self-confidence. The children receive instruction utilizing a variety of equipment, including trampolines, inclines, mailboxes, barrels, parachutes, and more, all with the purpose of engaging and training their young minds! Children's classes are coed. Children must be potty trained! Classes available ages 3 yrs - 6 yrs old! 

Entry Level -- Perfect for your 3 & 4 year olds to start in. In this class your child will learn how to rotate through stations, walk across by themselves, develop listening skills, and target/develop muscles that they will need for the rest of their gymnastics careers! All kids are directed to start out in this class, and will be moved at coaches' discretion!

Beginner -- Students in this class focus on forward and backward rolls, and balance/coordination utilizing our equipment and the beam. We balance fun and learning while maintaining a safe environment for students, so they can learn to look forward to this as their favorite part of the week!

Intermediate -- Introducing variations of handstands and cartwheels. Athletes start to gain more body control, awareness, and strength. Students will learn back bends, cartwheels, and handstands in this class.

Advanced -- Athletes in this class will focus on kickovers, roundoffs, and front limbers. Your student will gain a sense of independence while building friendships with their classmates. We work hard, learn advanced skills, and help show kids that learning new things is exciting!

Mighty Minis -- In this level we transition to the 7 & up classes and adopt some of their class structure. We add new stretches and warm ups. Students must have a roundoff and fall to bridge by themselves before joining this class. We introduce front and back walkovers, as well as back handsprings on trampoline.

Hot Shots -- Athletes in this level have reached a certain mastery of their bodies. It is invitation only class for advanced little ones that are willing to work hard and attend class every week. Athletes must have a roundoff, back walkover, and all prerequisite skills. We focus on front and back handsprings, front tucks, and roundoff back handsprings.