Tumble (7 & up)

Tumbling and Trampoline Classes - Our most popular class!

This 60 minute class is for boys and girls ages 7 and up.  Classes consist of a 10 minute warm up time followed by 50 minutes of instruction on tumbling and trampoline stations!  All skill levels are welcome.  If you don't know which class is right for you, please give us a call at 903-663-0770.

Freshman Tumbling -- for all athletes who are working on their beginner skills and muscle development (Front / Back Roll, Handstand, Backbend, Cartwheel, Roundoff, and learning to engage/develop muscles that are rarely utilized outside of our sport.

Sophomore Tumbling -- for athletes who have mastered some of their beginner skills, (backbend kickover, back walkover, round off rebound) and are now working on their intermediate skills (Front Walkover, Back Handspring, Handstand Walks, Roundoff Back Handspring)

Junior Tumbling -- for athletes who are able to do one or more back handsprings on trampoline or floor. These athletes will be working on multiple back handsprings, and will be introduced to back tucks on trampoline at coaches' discretion. 

Senior Tumbling -- for athletes working on advanced tumbling skills from back tucks to double fulls and everything in between. This is the class we strive for every one of our athletes to eventually reach, and we encourage each of them to believe in their ability to make it!